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Do you want to know which torrent site is famous this year? Then I suggest you check Torrent Search Engine – Top 10 you can trust of 2018. This post will certainly help you find all the latest information and answers to your doubts relevantly.

Torrent search engine review:

Often many people get bored with their regular life routine and want something that can refresh them mentally and feel relaxed. So, what is the best thing to do than watching free online movies which are the perfect solution to escape from getting bored and enjoy making your mind relax? Because it is not always great to look for theater or cinema hall to watch any film instead, you can make your decision just by sitting at home. This sounds pretty interesting and wrong at the same time, but who cares we want to enjoy watching free movies in excellent condition. Yes it is possible through Torrent Search Engine

If you live in an Asian country, then you can consider yourself lucky because not all states offer to watch movies online or either download them no matter how much you search. It is the freedom of everyone to have their kind of entertainment, and when you have the internet then there is nothing to worry about all you need is legitimate websites that can help and delight you in every way possible.

The biggest advantage of downloading movies online is that you don’t need to pay any extra cash to buy movie tickets and save time. There is my aim is to put the light on those best torrenting sites 2018 that can deliver all types of genres in HD quality with excellent live streaming services as well. So, if you are looking for them and can’t find then don’t waste your time below, you are about to see all of them that offers free online movies.

Which are the top ten Torrent search engine sites you can choose?

1) Extra torrent:

This is a great Hollywood movie torrent site that brings you all the latest Hindi movies shows and much more. You will see that once you access it and start exploring it. This site offers great user experiences everything is mentioned in the movie description, and you don’t need to struggle to select anything. You can enjoy any movie that is in your mind and taste.

2) The pirate bay:

The pirate bay does not need any introduction it is a modern based site that helps you get all the newest and classic movies you want. It is the only website that has it’s on the app, and you can download it on your Androids and IOS devices and enjoy streaming services for free. You don’t need to pay anything just access it and click on the movie you want to see.


Everyone knows about RARBG it is free torrent movie provider that you can watch online on-demand many great movie houses linked with it, and you can also download them digitally. The choice is yours to make. It has one of the largest video libraries with so many options to navigate and watch movies both in colorful and high quality.


TORRENTZ2 can help you load and stream your most favorite Hindi movies in any language you want. It is easily one of the excellent free torrent sites that automatically detects the region of any country and give you movies that you want to watch and also you can download them as well.

5) YTS.AG:

YTS is arguably one of the best Torrent search engine which is not linked with to original YIFY or any other. This one has managed to find its spot in top 10. The navigation here is pretty solid you can get any old and new movie in Blu-ray quality even they are banned or unrated you can download with good speed and watch.

6) 1337x:

1337x has been considered the only torrent site that has undergone many changes and still comes out on top because of its security concerns. The site has improved a lot and keeps growing the traffic and recently got a whole new change and design. You can use this site to get tons of movies and library to choose.

7) Torrent project:

Torrent project is a very familiar name related to torrent but manage to appear in top ten list for the first time. This site uses DHT to help you find contents and at the moment has more than over 12 million torrents saved in its database. Which you can login and register as member or try them for free.


This is an original TV torrent and changed its name to EZTV and is used since 2015. It site is dedicated to torrent only and there is not banned movie content you will get to see in it. This group operates on simple links that has massive bandwidth behind it. All you need is to just get started and navigate as long as you want.

9) Torrent downloads:

Torrent download has been around for many years and since then has managed to get so many users. This site is actually blocked in some ISP countries. You can simply visit it and choose which movie you want to download, it will give you millions of torrents from its library and it’s up to you decided. But expect having a decent internet connection first.

10) Lime torrents:

Somehow lime torrents regained its spot in the top ten this year. The reason is simple this site works on cache I-torrents which is also used by other torrent search engines as well. its torrent performance is quite recognizable and you can enjoy great speed from other users in time.

These are the ten best torrent search engine sites you can go for to download any movie you want it perfect audio and video quality you will enjoy for a long time. You can come back and check out the new updates from each of them and as per your preferences. If you guys still have any question regarding Torrent Search Engine you can ask in comment box.

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