Top 10 Cool Command Prompt Tricks

It seems that you are searching for 10 cool command prompt tricks for windows you should be aware which can prove quite useful. Stick to this post to get all the latest information and answers to your queries relevantly.

Command prompt tricks:

If you are a person who is using windows for a long time and haven’t been able to learn everything from it, then my friends you did not how much there is to explore in one single window. There are many types of windows people are using such as 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. The great thing about them is that there is so much to learn from their tutorials that you can use to impress your friends in form of CMD (command prompt tricks).

There is a reason why all of these commands proved so much fun and exciting and you can learn each one of them to get a better experience from windows. They can prove pretty useful and you can make yourself a fully fledged genius as well. How it would feel when you get to use a star wars command prompt in the background and make all your friends jealous how cool it would be.

Not many people get to learn all this cool stuff in their younger age it takes so much time and patience to master, but you can be considered yourself lucky because as the technology is growing more and more awareness is developing among the tech nerds and that is why you are getting a full cooked meat and all you need is to learn quickly and fast that saves your time.

Here is the list of 10 fun things to do with command prompt:

The purpose of showing these command prompt tricks that you will be able to learn new kind of experience no matter which window you’ve been using for years. You will be fascinated to see that how much they are worthy of your time in every way possible. So without wasting any time let’ begin.

1) Run multiple commands:

If you want to try out running two commands after another, then you can do it easily. All you need is to put the word && in the command and save it. For example start with, paint and ipconfig and put that word in I and see the magic.

2) Command history:

You can do this command to track down all the command history because it can be very beneficial and you can learn everything from the past you have done and can’t remember. You can start with history/ donkey.

3) See the PC driver list:

Using this simple command you can see all the drivers installed on your computer. All you need is to go to run and enter driver query and you can see all the list drivers with names, types, and information. It is pretty cool to see and adjust.

4) Try to send an output to clipboard:

There is always a time comes when you feel that you have to save the command output, most people use only copy and paste process. But you can leave it behind, and follow this simple command and send the output command to the clipboard like writing, clip/ipconfig prompt.

5) Try to make the command prompt colorful:

It is one of those cool command prompt tricks that usually people use and change the prompt color. It is very easy to try. Just right-click on the top right corner of CMD and select properties. From there you will be able to find the colors and set it as the background color along with texts.

6) Create a Wi-Fi hotspot using command prompt:

Before you start using the command prompt and execute it. you first need to go and open the control panel and search the change adapter setting in the network and from there you can go to connection properties and click on allow other networks to connect. You will need a perfect internet connection and enter this command to start your Wi-Fi hotspot.

7) Simple scan system files for problems:

You can use this command line tricks to run a command for a system hack file as a tool to scan windows files and look for any kind of problem. If you spot some files are corrupt or missing then you can fix them in time, by writing SFC/ scannow prompt.

8) Abort a command:

What happens if you suddenly press the enter button and you need to stop the command at the same time. For that, you need to do it and write Ctrl+C and this is not a magic and you can undo it entirely.

9) Open the command prompt from any location:

If you are working with command prompts for a long time then you will know that it can be very frustrating to execute chdir/cd over and over until it gets done. Fortunately, there is a super easy command prompt trick you can use by opening a command window and whatever folder you want to view is quite simple.

First, open the command window and click on the new instance and ready to go on any right location/ if you’ve been using this prompt you can view any location of the command prompt with this little trick along with space.

10) Try to find a website’s IP address:

Finding an IP address of a website is certainly one of the fun things to do with command prompt and you can use lookup command or ping command to work it a lot faster. First, begin with nslookup command and find the IP address with view results. Just don’t get confused with private IP address and public IP address.

Enter ping command to find it and you will get the hostname and website name from your local network.

These are the best and cool things you can do using codes for CMD and impress your friends to show how much genius you have become of knowing everything about windows.

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