Are you searching for a simple way of How to remove write protection from SD card – 4 perfect methods. This post will certainly guide you through every step and provide the latest information to your queries.

Write protected SD card:

We all know that micro SD card is something where you can store so much data and allows you to either delete it or protect it. It comes with various options and like write protection and you can make it an internal memory store permanently. Nowadays, the demands of micro or mini SD card have become huge in numbers and some of them come with a security pin that helps the users to prevent any formatting via automatically. You can also prevent the SD card to format anything including viruses.

But there will always a time come when you forget the pin lock and need to modify the card. Most people probably use this type of thing so much on daily basis and by transferring data or copying most people are facing write issues. The reasons are simple some micro SD card write protected shows while copying data and you can’t do anything about it. No matter if you spent hours to get it right. But the good news is you can easily solve this problem at your home and does not require any expertise suggestions.

Many people have struggled long enough in this situation where windows are not responding to copy anything from storage media and you feel frustrated. But don’t let yourself down due to some write protection issue in the set on your SD card. There is an excellent method waiting for you to use it and you can get the job done in no time.

What type of memory cards comes as write protected?

There is no denying that the use of Micro SD cards has become very important for today’s modern generation as they can help us store essential documents, files, and other media data in it for a long time. But as the technology grows there are some SD cards that come with write protection to make the use of it valuable and secure information. Here are some of the manufacturers that are making these types of SD cards including,

  • Kingston

  • Razer

  • SanDisk

  • HP

  • Samsung

These are the companies who are making these storage devices to provide better confidential support.

When write protection errors occur in Micro SD card?

If you happen to face write protection error many times and can’t figure out what is the main problem behind it then let help you with that, the write protection error only occurs when a flash drive detects some kind of fault in the device. That allows the driver to go into write protection mode to prevent data loss. You can only read files which are already stored and can’t delete them.

Usually when you delete them and next time you check they are already there, so if an issue or virus is neglecting the process of storage then you can ruin your precious data.

Which are the perfect methods how to remove write protection on micro SD card?

You don’t need to become an expert or need any kind of magical ways to remove this error. In fact, there are 4 easy methods you can choose that will help you get rid of it permanently and also has received quite favorable outcomes. So, let’s begin guys,

1) Check the write protection button:

There are many storage devices that come with write protection button or switch on it. Most people tend to ignore it and try to solve the issue on the software when actually the problem is on hardware. So, it best to check the button on the side of the storage device for write protection. All you need is to slide the button downwards and the error will be no more.

2) Check your device for the virus:

For many of you who don’t know that sharing your Micro SD card as a storage device with other people can cause the device to have a Trojan or virus and can lead to write protection error. So without taking any chances for format write protected SD card it is better to scan all the data using best anti-virus to remove it. By doing this the write protection error will be removed.

3) Format the USB Utilities:

At the moment using USB utilities has become some sort of heaven. The reason is that they are simple and are less complicated with friendly interface many big Micro SD card manufacturers provide USB format utilities which you can download from the official website to remove the virus. All you need is to download the specific company tool and format the USB you own and live the rest of it.

In few minutes it will identify the fault and remove it from the file system.

4) Use registry editor:

This is one of the best methods for how to remove write protection from micro SD card in windows 10 as well. In this method you will need to focus on the registry values of PC. The error may occur when the SD card is overwritten under the section of particular registry and you can change its defaults value to remove the error by following these on-screen steps,

  • First open run in the start menu and type regedit
  • Then click on the registry editor
  • Now follow it to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentConrolSet/Control/StorageDevicePolicy.
  • Try to set its value to zero in the write protection option
  • There you have it save it and error will be no more

These are the best 4 methods you can use for how to remove write protection from SD card. Now you won’t need to buy new micro or mini SD cards instead follow these accurate steps and you will see how much they are worth and saves your time.


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