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Are you eager to learn about 10 most astounding internet tricks you can use that can prove useful? This post will certainly help you find all the latest information that will help you find the shortcuts and simple way to use with complete details.

Internet tricks:

We all know that internet is something that can give us the freedom to do anything. It is a powerful resource that can give tons of information about any topic we want. Whether you are a student or an adult, the time you spent internet will definitely be paid off. Today you can make your tech life easier and learn great stuff of hacking tricks that can prove useful in every way possible.

If you are a person who spends a lot of time on social media platforms scrolling down facebook and twitter, trust me you are not learning anything specific but wasting time. Instead, make your free time more valuable and learn the simple hacking tricks that can not only save time but also increase your knowledge about current technology. I would suggest you guys do not waste time anymore reading this paragraph, go below and read everything have mentioned to learn amazing tech tricks for windows using the internet.

1) How to find the direct download link of any movie:

If you want to find any music or movie online then there is no better way to do it by searching on the internet, you can find any type of files format you want and check them out from, MP4, AVI, PNG, AAC, MP3, and many more. All you need is to simply go to Google search bar and write any move name and input this URL like

inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mkv|mp4|avi) you will get the movie URL direct.

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2) Know your internet browser shortcuts:

There are tons of various shortcut keys that you can use for any internet browsers. Here are some of the commands which are top suggested and you can use including,

  • Press Alt+D or Ctrl+L to move the cursor into the address bar.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key and press the + or to increase and decrease the size of the text. Ctrl+0 will reset the text.
  • Press the backspace key or press Alt key + left arrow to go back a page.
  • Press F5 or Ctrl+R to refresh or reload a web page.
  • Press F11 to make the Internet browser screen full screen. Press F1 again to return to the normal view.
  • Press Ctrl+B to open your Internet bookmarks.

3) Avoid scams and spam from certain sites:

There is always a time come when you surface different websites and without knowing your Email ID get hacked. To fully avoid it you can use this disposable temporary websites Email service and make fake IDs for temporary use. Call disposable Email.

4) Use

With this website, you can install so many windows program all at once. All you need is just to select the apps. The great thing about this app is that you don’t need to download any windows software one by one that can take a lot of time.

5) Bypass YouTube age restriction age:

We all know that YouTube sometimes publish content or video that demands to sign up and takes a lot of time in that process. But thanks to technology hacks now you can easily bypass the age limit restriction without signup. All you need is to go on the internet browser search bar and write and before it add NSFW and you will see the magic.

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6) Create a new folder anytime and anyplace:

Now in windows, you can create a folder on any place and name it the way you want it. first go to control panel and write these shortcut keys: ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c it will give you the access to the whole control panel from one shortcut to another folder. You can eve call this a god mode in windows language.

7) View masked passwords:

This is certainly one of the amazing internet tricks you can go for. You can visit any website such as, Facebook and view masked passwords by changing the password input in form of texts. This can also helps you inspect the browser elements. This type of method only works on modern browsers and all you need is to never leave the signup page open on your PC, so anyone could know the password.

8) Download videos without software:

If you want to download any YouTube video then you won’t need to install any kind of software. Instead, you can directly do it from your browser by adding SS before YouTube and you can get easily any video in HD quality. This can prove pretty handy when you are short on time and wan to impress your friends by showing this phenomenal trick.

9) Use rain meter software:

If you want to have a totally hacker look for your PC then you can use this website and download amazing type of background and themes to turn your PC into professional hacker look. It is a great chance that you can show it your close friends and make them feels jealous.

10) Use mirror display app:

There is no denying that most people love to play video games both online and offline and it would sound awesome if you get to play any PC game directly on your smart phones. Yes, you heard it right people. With the Airdroid app, you can play any game and choose any game specifically Google pacman hacked version and racing games among those that you can use these tricks to enjoy a good experience.

These are the 10 most searched internet tricks you can choose and use for your own benefits. Just remember one thing you can be a hacker all it takes to do the right steps because technology has made our lives so much easier and anything can be possible.

if you guys wanna add somthing else feel free to contact us or post your tricks in comment box, we will add that ASAP 🙂

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