Are you having an interest in playing 10 excellent LAN Wi-Fi multiplayer games for Androids without buying them. Stick to this post to get all the relevant information to your queries.

LAN games:

There is a reason why most Android users like to play games on their devices, not because they are free to download but they can also get hacked, and you can use all the cheats and earn unlimited stuff in them as well. The most majority of games that are coming these days lack the word LAN games because they are desperate to cut and most people like to play games in which they can earn bonuses and explain all the stages using offline settings.

Nowadays, games are probably coming with very higher difficulty to challenge the minds of gamers, and so the Android could not be an exception for that. That is why below we have listed the real facts about 10 excellent LAN Wi-Fi multiplayer games for Androids without buying them to help you understand why these games are very easy to play and for what reasons you need to play a hacked game instead of a standard edition.

What are the reasons you need to play Wi-Fi connecting games?

Today, with the growing technology in the games they are becoming very costly and you need to purchase them from Google play store to play them. There are some games which might are free but some of them more enjoyable and fun that you need to have specific software installed to hack them and play.

The users of Androids certainly know offline multiplayer shooting games for android that are few games which they always want to keep them on their Android phones and for that, they use the easy way to end them which don’t have any end or something games like endless running, racing, or shooting. All you need is to create a room using Wi-Fi hotspot and let others join you.

Some offline multiplayer games which you can play?

1) Asphalt 8:

It a classic android game which you can be hacked to unlock all the cars and money to buy upgrades in every way possible, the users who like to play this can help them to remove all the tracks and other events to unlock bonus contents as well.

2) Modern Combat 4:

A very highly popular game for androids, you can download its chat online and play it. You can unlock its characters and other treasures to play and earn unlimited coins as well.

3) Nova 3:

If we are talking about the Android game using 2 player android games that can cut how we can forget the game that made us the fan of them in the first place.  It is a sci-fi action based game that you can download for free. You can unlock all the boards and automatically earn millions of coins using hack software.

4) Gun Zombie:

A shooter platform that has more than 600 missions which are very hard to play, but you can unlock them all and play whichever you like with your friends or offline. After all putting your efforts in these games will certainly save your time and you can play them without rooting your phones.

5) GT Racing 2:

GT Racing 2 is certainly one of the best LAN racing games you can experience in your Android phones. It has the amazing collection of real cars from Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Ford, Audi, and many more. You can play it online and offline multiplayer with your friends.

6) Wild Blood:

This one is an action based games which only works of androids. It requires 3 GB of space and is created in unreal engine 4. You will see that once you dive into the action you will see real-time 3D graphics and unlimited battles. You can have fun with more than 6 players can play it with team deathmatch and connect to Wi-Fi to get more bonuses.

7) Let’s Golf 3:

You want to play a game that gives you so much fun and excitement then there is no better one than playing Let’s Golf 3, which is a simulator of the award-winning Japanese garden cherry oriented game that let players enjoy it more 4 co-ops. you can play it connected to the internet, using both Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. All you need is to throw balls in the holes with the small number of blows and get prize wins as rewards. It is a must-have the title for players who own androids and want to test their skills.

8) Dual:

There is no denying that Dual is best android multiplayer games 2016 that offers local multiplayer up to two players can play it to shoot in the screen from one screen. If you are a newcomer or expert in this type of game then you should try it out, all you need is to simply focus on screens and remove, tilt screens to guide the ball to the court and win.

9) Bomb squad:

If you wish to blow up your friends in an action-oriented mini-game that features more than 8 players then this game is just perfect. All you need is a local network connection and make explosions with advanced ragdoll, using all types of different characters, pirates, barbarians, ninjas, army, insane chefs and many more. The game supports touch screen with the variety of controllers for your friends.

10) Doodle Army 2:

Doodle army 2 is one of those Wi-Fi hotspot games that offers intense experience in multiplayer and using the local network more than 6 players can play it together. You can test your fighting skills in different modes like survival modes, co-op, and get more than 50 kinds of weapons from the shotgun, snipers, and flamethrower.

These are the best LAN games you can choose for multiplayer and have the incredible experience with your friends anytime you want.


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