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It looks like you want to know what makes project Gutenberg one of the most important sources to get free E-books. This post will help you find all the latest information and answers to your doubts with complete details.

Project Gutenberg review:

How much are you a fan of reading history or collecting data from all the previous events happen in the world? It takes a lot of courage and enthusiasm to make you established in the world. Not every person is called a book nerd because some people think it just boring and you can’t even know what you are doing, but in reality, have the accurate knowledge and large collection of books can show how much you love to be a book freak that will help you get more knowledge and wisdom.

There is no denying that having great information would unlock new doors and there are not many sources that will grant you such thing, how it would feel when you have to go street by street and gather books which are your favorite and for some way you don’t get them, the frustration could break you from inside. But thanks to the age of internet anything is possible now, you can search online to help you what you are missing eventually.

With the help of Gutenberg project you can get different varieties of E-books which not many sites offer this facility to download them for free and enjoy reading them in the best way possible. You can also be sure that this has open new doors to the people who have a great taste of collection texts, books, and download them securely.

What exactly is Project Gutenberg?

For those of you who don’t know that Project Gutenberg is a site that has more than 55,000 free E-Books which you can download for free. You can say this is the ultimate hub for getting the ocean of knowledge. It is up to you either download it or read online. Here are you can find books in different format like,

  1. Plain text
  2. PDF
  3. EPUB
  4. HTML
  5. Kindle

This site also serves audiobooks which you can generate human read or computer generated using the MP3 file, Apple iTunes files or OGG Vorbis audio files. It was named after the man who brought the digital printing to Europe and now this has open for the public to come and enjoy an amazing experience to discover the classics with the vast library and many more.

How can you use project Gutenberg kindle to get the E-books for free?

Before you made up your mind to get your favorite E-book, you first need to follow these tips that will help you use them accurately and also download them completely secure. Just follow these instructions to get a better picture of it including,

1) First preview book with images:

Before you download any book from using project Gutenberg to your device you can preview it or read it on your browser. This site allows you to do it. You can read the book with an interface and click on the link to get a screenshot and then choose the format you want it to read it that gives you pleasures.

2) Send E-book with one click to Google drive:

Since 2014 Google drive has become the perfect place to send complete E-books with just one click. If you have liked any specific book then you can send it because it is a huge time saver to the cloud storage without actually downloading to the disk and then upload it. While using Google drive it asks you to access Google account and send files to its drop box and make a special folder created for E-books.

3) Try to get new entry using RSS:

Using RSS feed is one of the strongest things of Project Gutenberg, with this you can add any new book to the catalog which appears in the feed. You can also update the older files and subscribe to it right now. With the help of RSS, you can add 20 to 30 books in one and you can also see the title and language of which author it’s been written.

4) New entries using E-mail each day:

If you don’t want to use RSS and want to move from it then, Gutenberg also offers E-mail subscription with notifications you will get 12 to 25 daily. If you are using Gmail then you can create your own filter to send project Gutenberg notification to any particular folder and get feedback.

5) Try to search for vintage images:

This one is perhaps one of the amazing ways to get Gutenberg eBooks by choosing a right image. You can use Google and find any illustrating picture that people would find interesting. This site is quite best to help you find from Google images in HTML format which can also be accessed by the Google web crawlers. This can make the search even easier.

6) Access project Gutenberg from Google search engine:

You will see that Project Gutenberg has some special treatment from Google like many other sites like Forbes, NYT, guardian and many more. You can simply search PG from Google web search. You can type PG or its full name in the search box. You will get extended info with it and also you can access it using your smartphones as well.

Bottom line:

These are the few factors that play a major role to help you get used to Project Gutenberg in so many ways. With this site, you can have tons of knowledge and new information like you have ever seen. You can download it or read it anytime you want, to learn past histories of the authors, different war stories, and juicy topics to keep engaging for a while.

Just use it once to get access to new territories of wisdom you will appreciate for a longer time. if you have still any question regarding project Gutenberg  you can ask in the comments box

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