If you are a person who has spotted runtime brokers in your task manager and don’t know why it is using too much memory on your CPU? Then it is time you should go for How to fix Runtime Broker for windows – 4 essential methods. Below you will find the latest info with guidance.

Runtime Broker review:

There is no denying that a perfect PC is something that runs perfectly and runs all the applications without any error or delay. Many of you are computer nerds and probably spend more than 10+ hours just to use it on daily basis, but have you ever find something that makes your CPU usage too much and CPU consumes a lot of memory even if you haven’t installed the great set of apps on your system.

Well, this might sound like a problem and if you don’t do anything then the outcome of it will be devastated. One thing is for sure task manager is always important to help you manage all the apps you want have installed and which you want to remove. In old windows, it was so much easy and simple. But after the arrival of windows latest windows, everything seems to be changed a lot.

What exactly is a runtime broker?

For many of you who don’t know that runtime broker was first introduced in Windows 8 and kept on going in Windows 10 as well. It is a legal window process the one that has a bad reputation for increasing CPU’s load for memory usage on the system. You can simply monitor it by using the process explorer button and watch closely it is linked to the universal apps of the windows and it is active all the time.

What is the reason behind it using memory?

When it is not active the runtime broker maintains a very low memory profile and typically takes up around 30 to 50 MB. When you launch any windows app you will likely to see it will take memory usage to 600 or 800 MB. Launching the apps should have caused runtime brokers but when you close them it should drop down the memory but still run on background will use 25% of CPU power, it can result badly for your system and you immediately come to a fair solution.

Which are the 4 methods you can use to fix runtime broker permanently?

There are three perfect methods you can apply to fix this problem and make your PC work back to normal and also save the memory usage of CPU as well. All these below methods are completely simple and easy to master. You can also share this with your friends and make them see how good PC master you have become.

1) Use quick temporary fix solution:

If you notice RAM is high and PC is running slow and this can cause an app. What you need is to go to task manager, click on the processing lab to check the runtime broker if it is using the memory up to 20% then you can stop it by doing these on-screen instructions,

  • First, use CTRL+ Shift+ ESC to open task manager
  • Right click on runtime broker
  • Select as end task from the menu and close it
  • Now restart your PC

2) Disable get tips and tricks:

You will be glad to know that you can also runtime broker windows 10 which are also powered by Windows apps. This explains a lot why you may have to see the thrash process on the hard drive that causes a high load of memory usage and you have to uninstall several apps to run the main one. There is a one common you can use to fix this by disabling the tips and tricks suggestion for windows here are on-screen instructions,

  • First, use CTRL + I to open windows 10 app settings
  • Then go to notifications and actions menu
  • Try to locate get tips and tricks suggestion bar and switch it off
  • This will do the trick and this will no longer consume any kind of memory for any app

3) Uninstall a misbehaving app:

If you notice that high load memory on disk is causing runtimebroker.exe then you can try and use this method to uninstall the app here are the steps,

  • If the app is not important then uninstall it be done with it
  • If the app is an essential one, then check for all updates and if there is one available download it and install to resolve the issue
  • If this is not the case, then try to completely uninstall the specific app and reinstall it again and restart the computer

4) Try to limit the number of apps from background:

There are some apps that may still run in the background which means they will continue to run even they are closed in front. For this, you need to disable some apps to get control over the behavior of your system. Here are necessary steps you can try and see how this works in every way possible.

  • First, use windows to open settings
  • Click to privacy
  • Click on background apps
  • Disable those apps which you do not want to run
  • This can remove them temporarily and direct send a notification to you
  • Restart your PC

These are the 4 essentials methods you can use to fix runtime broker issue. It may look like a common one but ultimately can damage your system for good. You have to think smart and pick the right methods to work with.  They are easy to use and it won’t have any negative impact on your PC as well.

Using a PC has become a part of our daily lives and it is up to us to keep it running in a safe way so no harm comes it what so ever. But if you guys have any issue regarding runtime brokers you can ask in the comments box .


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