Fix of There is a problem parsing the package

If there is one common error that most Android users are facing is there is a problem parsing the package. You might want to stick to this post get all the latest information and solutions to your queries.

There is a problem parsing the package:

For those of you who don’t know that Android is one of the most used operating systems in the world. Almost 90% people prefer to use Smartphone because it is user-friendly, quite cheaper, and certainly very reliable to run apps from other handheld devices. There is no denying that Android has the largest app collection and that is the reason people of all ages use it. But still, there are some issues that can spoil the mood of any person who is facing error called there is a problem parsing the package it may be common but if you consistently having it then you need to do something about it.

We all know that almost every android user used to search to clear these issues from coming back, whether you get it on Samsung phones or Android phones it looks the same and displayed. A person loves to install various types of apps just to impress others and in that process, he began to install all kinds of app push its android to its limit and probably end up losing the precious phones from facing this error.

You don’t need to sell your phone because of parsing the package error, there are hundreds of apps that not work so never blame on the capacity of your phone you might have missed something in that process. So below we will try uncovering all the fundamentals and find solutions to fix it permanently.

What exactly is parsing package error means?

Parsing error only occur when you are installing apps and whenever you try to install it, a window pop up and says in android there was a problem parsing the package and cannot be installed. You may even try to troubleshoot is several times and result will remain the same. No matter what you do it will still not installed from rooting phone, changing the apps file or reinstall it.

What are the reasons behind Parse error?

Before we go into the solutions to correct this error, it might be the great idea to know the reasons behind it occurs to get a better picture. There are many reasons behind this parsing error and here are some of them such as,

A) Incomplete file downloading

B) Security setting issues

C) The app might not be suited for your operating system or version

D) Corrupt APK file

Which are the perfect ways to correct this error permanently?

There are many appropriate ways that you can use to clear this issue, they work on any android version and also you might be able to get rid of it for good. The reason is simple every person is facing different parsing package error on your mobile phones. So, here are the solutions to follow including,

1) Go to security settings:

Security that comes un-built with phones does not allow some apps to be installed. People used to install apps from the non-trusted sites and there are risks involved but if you still want to do it then go to your security setting, scroll down, and select option security and enable the unknown sources.

2) Enable the USB debugging:

For many people using enabling debugging option has proved good, or that go to the settings, scroll down and select option, check for build number and tap it for 8 times,once done it then check back the settings and choose developer option and mark the USB debugging option.

3) Corrupted Application files:

One of the main reasons of how to fix parsing error is due to the corrupted files. In that particular case, you need to download the new APK file or try again to install it. I would recommend downloading most apps from Google play store and making sure to download them completely.

4) Disable Antivirus:

If you want to a game app which is dear to you and somehow your antivirus or cleaner is preventing to install it for safety purposes then you can disable them temporarily and re-install the app only to see how it works.

5) Try clearing cache cookies of play store:

This solution is perhaps the best option for fixing there is a problem parsing the package, is to clear all the cache cookies from play store. All you need is to open Google play store, go to sidebar options and click on settings, you will find clear all the local search history and it’s done.

6) Try to download any app from play store:

Sometimes it is great to install an app directly from the main website and I highly suggest that you never download from any 3rd party sites to avoid APK parse error from arising. First, you need to search your desired app on the Google play store and try to download it completely, once done install it safely.

7) Use old version of app:

There always a time comes when certain apps did not work or support the handset you own because they are latest and you can try using older version of that specific app. You can download them from the developer sites, just Google it and you will see.

8) Rest your phone:

This is the perfect option, never to reset the phone unless you have tried all the above options. You need to make sure to have a back-up of the entire phone on your SD card and then try it to see do the apps run you want.

Final verdict about parse error:

Facing this kind of issue can be very irritating, but don’t get panic and try these solutions to fix it. They will help you in every way possible. Also, you don’t need to sell your phones for this little mistake. So try out guys and see how much it is worth it.

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