Are you showing an interest to learn how you can solve WMI provider host for high CPU usage – 4 perfect methods? Stick to this post to get all the latest information and answers to your queries relevantly.

WMI provider host review:

Have you ever notice the unstable behavior of your PC where your system is slowing down and freezing due to the abnormal process of the high CPU usage. Well, you have found the right place to fix this. WMI provider host also known as (windows management instrumentation) is a type of functions comes in windows that offer a standard way of administration or software scripts to send information of the data and status.

In other words, you can say that WMI is a fundamental service that runs on the Windows background, no matter which version you are using. The unstable behavior only means there is something wrong in the system. The reason is simple, the primary goal of WMI is to collect information and details about hardware and equipment and access them profoundly to gain more information.

Which are the perfect methods you can choose for WMI provider host?

You don’t need to get panic or replace your system when you see this type of issue, it a common on you just need the right methods to solve the WMI provider host high CPU  below you are about to learn the methods which will fix this error permanently.

1) Try to restart the WMI services:wmi

By restarting the services which have taken an abnormal amount of consumption of your CPU, Often lead to great results. It is best to try it out which will work just excellently, the method is well tested and you no longer need to pay attention to much details.

This process should not consume too many system resources, but if it does make your system slow all the time, then there is only one option left is to restart WMI services to see how much use it would get, just follow these steps,

  • First, you need to press the combination of Windows key + R
  • The RUN command will open and type services.msc
  • Now try to locate the services of WMI, just right click on it and select restart option
  • Once you are done with this, you can restart your computer and see if there are any changes made that affect the exe WMI provider host CPU usage.

2) Use the network to boot in safe mode:

This is a very great method that will help you fix this problem quite fast, but remember one thing only to use this one when you have tried the above. Boot in safe mood might help to adjust the system consumption of the certain apps for CPU. It is the best option for using windows 10 to achieve a higher success rate. Here are the proven steps you should follow,

  • First, use the combination keys of Windows key and + R
  • RUN command will open and type MS-config command
  • Now go to the boot tab and check for the safe boot box along with a network box
  • Click on the apply button, save changes and press ok
  • After that restart your PC and open windows power shell as an administrator and use these following commands
  • exe -id MaintenanceDiagnostic
  • just make sure to are maintaining the diagnostic pop-ups and where ever you click and wait for it to finish
  • now run another command, msdt.exe /id PerformanceDiagnostic
  • click on the next button and run it as assistant
  • after completing it, rerun the MS-config command and uncheck the safe boot box

3) Try to disable the drivers:

There are some components and controllers that can conflict the great performance of your system, in order to verify the event of wmiprvse.exe you must need to click on the start menu and follow these steps to disable some drivers to see where the issue is coming from in the first place,

  • first, go to the view menu and from there select the debugging and analytical log
  • just follow the route of the application services logs, Microsoft, windows, WMI activity, operational
  • now click on the some of the error lines and take the main note of the line called client process ID in the lower part of the, in this case, you are using this serial number 12852
  • open the task manager and go to the services tab and search this number in the PID column to verify the process for better
  • whenever you find the process, then you reinstall or uninstall the drivers you want

4) Check for malware in your system:

Oftentimes, there are many chances that malware can infect your precious computer and cause the programs to act abnormally. Using a high network or high CPU usage are the typical ones to get the infection from malware. So, if you want to fix the WMI provider host high CPU windows 10 then there are some few steps you need to take to detect it sooner.

  • First, you need to install a malware detection tool or an anti-virus like C-Cleaner
  • Now install and run each of these programs, it will automatically scan and remove the malicious files
  • After that you can to go the cleaner tab and checked the entries to clear them out in the recommended boxes
  • Once selected on the tabs, click the run cleaner button and wait when this whole thing completes
  • Then scan the issues once it comes and reports on the system, it will instruct you to fix them by going to the issues options

These are 4 incredible methods to fix the error of WMI provider host in your windows 10. With these steps, it is obvious that to rescue your PC to regain its optimal performance and work better than ever.


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