It looks like you are eager to know widevine content decryption module and how to fix it permanently to stop interfering with your channel live streaming services? Here you are about o learn all the latest information and methods to your doubts with points of interest.

Widevine content decryption module review:

Using the live streaming services is a great thing, like Netflix or Amazon prime video is two of the largest streaming experiences you can enjoy. But have you ever faced the error like Widevine content decryption module which almost interrupting everything and you may not know what do? Then it is time you should fix it before it becomes worse.

What exactly is Widevine content decryption module?

For those of who don’t know that this is a type of error which is installed in Google Chrome and other browsers which enables them to play the digital media and video content your TV devices with great video and audio fidelity. Most people like to watch them on their PCs and with the DRM creators who are the rightful owners of this provides you a protected media content and never get copied as well.

You can access it by entering, chrome components in your browser.

Which are the excellent methods you can use for Widevine content decryption module error?

This is a very common error you can get on Amazon prime video and Netflix. It only occurs when the browser can’t locate the modules or determines which are outdated. You can’t just simply fix this error on your own, you need to learn some basic thing about widevinecdm then you can solve it whether you are using it on any browser with full proceedings.

Below we have listed 5 major solutions to fix this error which you can use with different browsers as well and try keep it updated in that process.

1) Always update the Widevine content decryption module:

You can give a try to check out for the latest and updated version of it, with this way you can live stream without having any issues and enjoy anything you want with complete satisfaction. Here are the steps you can follow to update it such as,

  • First, visit the chrome and open its components
  • Now check for the updates and click on it
  • You can refresh the page to see if there is an updated version status appears beneath the components
  • After that restart your computer and see if the problem is resolved

2) Try to change the permission of WidevineCdm:

This is a solution that requires for you to become a tech savvy but it is worth fixing the error. This method works 100% and legit, you first need to examine the plug-ins folder to make sure that you have complete control over it before retrying the solution. With this amazing set up you can locate widevine with ease and no longer need to search too much at the same time.

  • First, you need to press the Windows key + R to open the RUN app
  • Then you can enter %user profile% / add data/ local in its dial box and enter
  • Next, you need to click the following the files from Google to chrome and user data
  • After that head over to the security tab and check that you are logged in with complete access, verify it to get control and ticked the checkbox
  • You can choose your profile and click on the edit button
  • Now apply and save the change and exit
  • You can check again if the issue has fixed

3) Update and delete the plug-in folder:

You can only use this method if all the above methods won’t work and from that point on you can delete the plug-In folder and reinstall it with only chrome. You just need to make sure that this method requires administrative pleasure and once you are logged in here are the steps you need to follow like,

  • First press the windows key + R and open RUN app
  • Then you can enter %user profile% / add data/ local in its dial box and enter
  • You will be redirected to the main folder
  • Navigate it a little bit and locate the widevinecdm update folder
  • Once found you can right click and delete it
  • After that press windows key + S and open task manager
  • Right click on it and open it and run as administrator
  • Now it’s time to exit all the chrome tasks and choose end task
  • Go back to the method one and try to update it and restart the chrome
  • You can also restart your computer and try to play any video and hopefully, the problem has been fixed

4) Check your anti-virus:

It totally depends on which type of antivirus you are using, sometimes this security software stops browsers to work any further and never let any threat enter to your system. It can prevent the plug-in to install and updating as well. but you can poke around a little bit to change the settings and see if you can spot any kind of restrictions.

Also, you can disable the firewall and update the plug-in while antivirus is deactivated and see that solved it.

5) Reinstall Google chrome:

No one wants to go on that road to reinstall the chrome. But sometimes having freshly installed browser can eliminate all the pesky threats and glitches. Here are the steps for Widevine content decryption module work in the new browser.

  • First use windows key + R and open RUN app
  • Now enter app wis.cpl in the box and enter
  • It will bring out the installed software
  • Now right click on the Google Chrome and select uninstall
  • Once you have uninstalled it go to the official Google site and download the new version of chrome
  • When you installed it verify the browser has fixed all the issues.

If you guys still face any error  you can ask in comments box .


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