How To Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker Error

If you are facing high CPU or disk usages issues then you need to check out Windows modules installer worker and it fixed in most simple ways. Stick to this post to get all the latest information and answers to your queries and doubts relevantly.


Windows modules installer worker review:

Have you ever experience your computer fan is spinning up too much and feels it’s getting hotter for no reason. Then you need to check back task manager and you might see Windows modules installer worker that uses a lot of CPU and disk usages for no reason. This is a process also known as Tiworker.exe which is part of the Windows OS. This also works to check all the updates that are available for your system and install them sooner. Tiworker.exe is a must and most important aspect of windows update and every time you start it, will it run automatically background check for the updates that are necessary for updating.

After, when it is finished this one will update your software soon when they release all the resources. Not many people who use old windows are facing this type of issue, but the new windows 10 seem to be the first one to find this problem. This can be the totally annoying hearing sound of the fan too much or most people will have some sort of glitch in their system

What exactly is a Windows modules installer worker?

For those of you who have no idea about what this is, let me help you explain it in most simple words, Windows modules installer worker is like a common error that occurs in windows especially on windows 10. You will encounter it several times and it will become nonresponsive and cause high CPU usage. There is no need to panic this issue can be fixed easily, all the methods you will see can help to get rid of this error in no time.

These methods are totally safe and work 100% if users are having the glitch on their PC. The windows modules installer worker windows 10 are found built-in for this OS and can automatically fix all bugs. For this reason, your computer becomes slow or unresponsive which needs to be get fixed as soon as possible.

Which are the Windows modules installer worker methods you can choose?

If you are constantly facing this issue or error in your windows 10 then it is time that you should try out these 5 methods to fix it. Many users will find it helpful and I hope they work perfectly for you as well here the methods including,

1) Try to scan the system for any virus:

If your CPU is getting higher and you are sure that the problem is created by windows modules installer then you need to check this if there is some malware or virus infecting your system. For that you can simply scan your entire system for the virus to see if there is an infected file or software not running properly on the system then you should remove it to solve the error for good.

2) Use command line utility tool:

If your device is having high disk usage windows 10 issue, then you can also solve it by checking the disk drive of the system. To check this you need to use system file checker SFC command prompt and it will show you the error if the error is related to the disk of the computer. Here are some SFC commands you need to follow such as,

    • First, open the command prompt in the system and run it as Admin
    • In command prompt enter SFC/ Scan now command to scan disk drive
    • Wait for some time to as SFC check the disk system completely
    • If SFC find some issues on the drive it will try to fix automatically
  • After SFC command is finished scan the disk and restart your computer

3) Use DISM tool:

To check Windows modules installer worker on windows 10 working perfectly, you can use DSIM tool to fix the corrupted errors. For this, you to use on your system here are the steps you need to follow below,

  • First, open the command prompt on your system and run it as administrator
  • In command prompt enter DISM.exe/online/cleanup/image/restore health and enter
  • Now you need to relax and let DISM tool search all the corrupt components in the system and will fix automatically
  • After repairing the components it will inform you all corrupted data are repaired
  • Now close the command prompt and restart your computer

4) Set the priority of Tiworker.exe:

If your tiworker.exe windows 10 creating high usage of CPU on the system to solve this problem you need to decrease the priority of the Tiworker.exe process. Here are the necessary steps you can take,

  • First open task manager on your device
  • Click on the details
  • Now click on the details tab
  • Locate tiworker.exe by clicking right
  • After that click on it asset priority
  • In order to set the priority low, go to the lower option and tiworker.exe process tree option
  • Now close the task manager and exit
  • Restart your computer and see if the device is creating any problem

5) Disable the automatic update option:

You can easily disable the windows modules installer by turning off the automatic option and set to manual. This will help to stay the version at the perfect condition and will not try to update on its own.

  • First open Run on your system
  • In Run, search bar enter service.msc
  • Now the service setting will pop up and try to locate windows modules installer
  • Double click on it to open it
  • Now you will get an option to start up it on manual settings
  • Click ok and close the service settings and save the changes you have made

These are the perfect methods you can use to fix Windows modules installer worker permanently. If you guys still have any question regarding this guide you can ask in comment box.

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