Are you facing the lost connection errors to catch the generic code for world of Warcraft and want to know the permanent Fixes for the WOW51900319 Error? Stick to this post to get all the latest information and solutions to your queries relevantly.

Wow51900319 error review:

There are many games that people mostly get addicted to and play as long as they can, but this doesn’t mean that there will not a single moment comes when you have to face the sudden error called Wow51900319 , this is a type of errors that only occurs because of catching the error code and you get disconnected from internet. Today, the vast majority of gamers loves to play games using online contents but as the number of users grows the connection issues coming more and more.

For this reason, the blizzard company stated that the main reason behind this errors getting dumped from the Wow and constantly disconnecting from warcraft an error keeps popping up on the screen that can lead to data corruption and loss of progress online.

For this purpose you certainly don’t need to change your IP address or reinstall the game, in fact, there are some bunch of solutions you might find helpful to solve this issues once end for all. But there is no guarantee at all. There are chances you should be able to concentrate on the matches with peace of mind.

Which are the major methods you need to choose for fixing Wow51900319 error?

The Blizzard company explained that the reason behind this error are many cause, which players total ignores and end up losing their progress in the first place. Furthermore, the blizzard twitter also stated that there are 5 awesome solutions you can try to fix this problem for good, and once you have done with it, it will no longer bother you. So without further ado let’s discover those methods below,

1) Try to fix the FPS issues:

One of the most famous fixes you can go for is to change the frames per second rate on your PC. This solution makes sure that the background FPS is selected according to your system requirements and work smoothly. So it is better to choose the option of 30fps no matter how badly you want to play on 60fps, by switching the background of the world of Warcraft and see how it works and also clear out the error as well.

2) Logout from

The majority of players used to play games online and getting disconnecting one or two times seems minor, but if you happen to play world of Warcraft and want to fix this error then you should log out once from and play alone without teams to see whether or not this error goes away or not. If this goes then you can again login and join the team online.

3) Fix the REDDIT network problem:

In order to completely wipe out the existence of wow 51900319, then you should visit REDDIT which is known for a huge solution. If you are playing on 4G LTE connection then you uncheck the optimized network speed by going to under system, then go to network options and from there without delaying anything between connections you can resolve the error with some of the REDDIT Wow payers.

This may be the perfect opportunity to make a team effort and solve error together and make friends online as well. Sounds interesting right folks.

4) Resolve the technical fixes of

Here is the 4th method that involves the and tries to fix the technical fault that occurs because of the default settings. Whenever this message pops up you will lose connection in the game and also the world of Warcraft servers as well.

For this reason, you can go to the technical support forum to get extra information, if the servers are active then you can proceed with troubleshooting the connection or perhaps follow these steps such as,

  • First you can reset your interface to make sure the files are not corrupted
  • Try to reset your network connection or device that modem is not overloaded with any data
  • Renew or release your IP address to flush out the DNS error and fix them correctly
  • Check your drivers are up to date and fix their compatibility issues
  • If you are using a wireless connection then try to optimize the online connection and eliminate the possibility of lost connection
  • You can go ahead and try to experiment with the background to solve the software problems

5) Use an Ethernet cable:

If the video shows that there is no wrong with connection and wow error 51900319 still appears. Then you are trying to figure out about the numbers what they truly mean, if you are playing an online game and keep failing in everything then you should try a different approach to solve the problem. Sometimes players sign in to video games and PC does not respond well and keep slowing down then it probably means the user-generated has caused it more. Or perhaps the graphics resolution is too much high, and your computer can’t handle. All these facts keep in mind.

Here is the truth, the internet connection does not need to be fast, but it needs to stable and you can use a line wire connection and see how much difference it would make for you. While the vast majority of players use Wi-Fi connection which is good but stability can become a major problem.


These are the 5 fantastic methods you can use to enjoy the world of Warcraft without any issue and resolve the Wow51900319 error for good. After all enjoying online games required some stable internet connection and with little efforts, you can clear it out. You don’t need to experiment with anything just follow the Blizzard company recommendations and visit their support forum to get updated on these kinds of errors occurring in future.


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